Nurturing has always been in my blood.

I'm Kaitlin, owner of the PBJ Collective. When I was seven years old, my brother and I were adopted into a loving family and our dynamic duo quickly became our own rendition of the Brady Bunch. Now the eldest of six kids, I was immediately dubbed the big sister and with big titles like big sister, come big responsibilities. When Mom needed help with laundry, I was there to fold. When a diaper needed changing, I was there without a hesitation. I took pride in my contributions to our family and found satisfaction in helping my family both of which shaped me into the person I am today.


With my agency I hope to find the nanny
that pairs perfectly with your family,

just like peanut butter and jelly.


It came as no surprise to my friends and family that I became a nanny while attending college, and that I continued to work as a nanny for the next decade. I studied Elementary Education at Truckee Meadows Community College and Multimedia Communications at The Academy of Art in San Francisco. While going to college I struggled to find my “calling” but I always felt so fulfilled in my work as a nanny. Our childhoods mold us into the people we’re going to be and knowing I was providing a positive impact on the children I took care of was incredibly rewarding. I’ve been so lucky to have met and been a nanny for the families I have over the past years. Every family has unique needs and personalities and it has been such a gift to have been welcomed into their hearts and homes. Roughly 30,000 diapers later, personally changed by myself, I started The Pb+J Collective. So that I might help other families and nannies to experience what I have. I know first hand what it takes to be a nanny, and what it takes to find the right one. It’s about finding a teammate. Some of the families I’ve worked for have told me that I was “the big sister they never had”. I’ve taken a lot of pride in that.