There are many different types of responsibilities a nanny can take on. Below you will see what is most common and what we have to offer at the Pb+J Collective. Each position can be customized and scheduled full or part-time depending on your family's needs.


infant care

Having this type of nanny in your home can really support you in your new stage of parenting or ease the transition of becoming a full family. Our Infant Care Nannies will assist in any way they can, whether it's helping you to catch up on much needed rest, keeping up on bottle washing and laundry, changing diapers, tracking your baby's daily progress and schedule, assisting in sleep training, and even food prepping. Whatever will make this wonderful experience of parenthood easier for you, our Infant Care Nanny is there to help.


family assistant

 This awesome and flexible nanny is there to help you keep your family's ship sailing smoothly! They are usually responsible for picking up and dropping off the kids from school or to various outings and extracurricular activities. They can help you manage your family calendar, do light housekeeping, run errands, and provide your children with entertainment that is adventurous and creative. We only listed a few responsibilities for this hard-working nanny position, but whatever the task may be, this nanny can do it! 



Sometimes life throws you curve balls, and sometimes those curve balls may call for a temporary nanny to cover the gaps. Perhaps your current nanny has travel plans, or maybe you have a lot going on and could really use some extra hands around the house. Our Temp Nannies are usually hired for a two week to one month period and are equipped to jump right in and get their hands dirty. 



Because we know how important it is to feel that you are leaving your children with someone you can trust, all of our sitters go through the same screening process as our nannies. If you would like to see the same sitter more than once, we are happy to help establish an ongoing relationship. 

Booking a sitter is easy! Just contact us at least 48 hours before the date needed. We also ask that you give us 48 hours notice for cancelling. As a courtesy to our sitters, any cancellation less than 48 hours beforehand will be charged the full amount of the services requested.  

To get started, a $30 one-time booking fee is paid to the agency by credit card. For every additional day of babysitting needed, $5 will be charged to the credit card on file. Babysitter's rates start at $15/hr (for up to 2 children) to be paid in cash, with a guaranteed 4 hr minimum. Each additional child is an extra $2/hr. If the sitter needs to travel more than 30 minutes to your house, we also ask that they be compensated for that time. For holiday, or less than 48 hour in advance booking, we charge a $40 booking fee and our sitter's rates start at $20/hr (for up to 2 children) with $2/hr for every additional child.